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All our latest and upcoming projects.

La Paloma Villas

Villa/Flat: 123
Location: Mokila, Hyderabad
Status: Completed

KMV Vivaan

Villa/Flat: 65
Location: Vijayawada
Status: Completed

Laura’s Enclave

Villa/Flat: B- 12, B- 17
Location: paravada, Visakhapatnam
Status: In Progress

River Edge Villas

Villa/Flat: 73
Location: Manchirevula, Hyderabad
Status: In Progress

Magna's Majestic Meadows

Villa/Flat: Villa #202
Location: Osman Nagar, Hyderabad
Status: In Progress

Ganesh Nagar

Villa/Flat: B 20
Location: Lankelapalem, Visakhapatnam
Status: In Progress

Making lives easier than before

Data Safety

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Plug & Play

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Voice Control

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Save Energy

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Remote Access

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Safety Home

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Have Questions?


1: Why Confio?

Our products are Made in India on par with International products. So what is the benefit

  • Best fit for our environment. Tested for voltage fluctuations.
  • Readily available. No lead time as we do not need to import.
  • Quick turnaround time for installations and service.

Best in class customer service
Completely Wireless
Retrofit to existing homes
Endless possibilities

2: How Does Confio work?

Confio uses Z-Wave technology – a wireless Radio Frequency-based communications technology – to transform a singular device into an intelligent networked device that can be securely monitored and controlled wirelessly.

3: Do I need to change my old Switch Board?

No, Confio provides you a complete retrofit solution. Our Relay module goes behind your existing switch board with no additional wiring.

4: Is Internet Mandatory?

Only when you want to control your house from Outside. Our system works without internet locally.

5: what should we provide you?

We will do the survey and inform if we need anything from you.

6: Does your system needs UPS?

It is not mandatory, But we request you to provide a 600VA UPS to keep your security system running continuously without any Interruption.

7: What happens when there is a power failure?

your Lights turns OFF, but they will remember the last mode and restore the same way when power comes back.

8: Can we call any local Electrician when there is any failure in this system?

Strictly not Recommended, Please call our support team as the local Electrician doesn’t have knowledge on this system there might be a chance of Damaging the system.

9: How many users can use the iOS /Android App?

There is no such limitation of users but we provide for 6 users per house free of cost. Additional users can be configured for one time low fee.

10: How many floors can we Automate?

We can automate up to 3 Floors using one Gateway in each floor.

11: Do I have to pay Monthly FEE?

No.You can use our system to control your device over Internet or mobile phone without any monthly subscription.

12: How much Energy can I save if I use your Automation System?

Approximately you can save 10% on your electricity bill, with minimal effort. but The actual amount depends on the types of appliances you use.

13: Is dimming of lights possible?

Yes. we have 2 CH Dimmer. 2 Channels for Phase cut dimming or 1 Channel for Phasecut and 1 channel for Analog dimming.

14: Does surge has any role to play in Relays or there is surge protection in Relay or hub

Yes. Electrical surge can damage any electrical equipment.

4 CH Relays are designed to take surge up to 270v

15: Does this system also supports CCTV Camera?

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16: Can I control Blinds/curtain with your system?

Yes, We have a module called Curtain controller which basically designed to control blinds. Automatic Open/Close of Curtains during Sunrise and Sunset is possible with this module.

17: Can I Control Fan?

Yes, we have Fan ON/OFF and speed Controller Module.

18: Can I control AC with your System?

Yes, we have Fan ON/OFF and speed Controller Module.

19: What are the other sensors your system Includes?

We have 3 in 1 Motion sensor: with that, you can control your lights based on motion, ON/OFF Lights based on the LUX level, control AC based on your room temperature.

Door Sensor: Triggers siren when any security breach happens to the Doors.

20: Does your system supports Door lock?

We have Integrated Yale door lock to our system with that you can control door locks.

Recommended yale Door lock module: YDD424

21: My Question is not listed here. Where can I find solution?
Please contact our support team by sending an e-mail to support@confio.in or call +91 6360248400.

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