Become a Partner

Become a Partner

Technology Partners:
Confio is actively seeking partnerships with the industry’s leading technology companies to enhance customer experience. By integrating your product or solution with the Confio solution, or by incorporating Confio products into your solution, you can tap into our extensive customer base and benefit from our cutting-edge technology.

OEM/ODM Partners:
Confio has been providing OEM/ODM services to global companies in the automation industry. Please let us know If you are interested in the Confio product range to be brand brand-labelled or a new idea to bring to life through our ODM services.

After several years as an R&D company and majorly into OEM/ODM services, Confio is now opening doors for Distributors and Integrators. This presents a unique opportunity for you to provide the best and unique products and solutions, delivering your clients the highest quality solutions in the market.
We continue to innovate and develop new products for the home, commercial, and industrial markets. We will provide all the necessary tools and training to deliver the highest-quality products and solutions to our clients.

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