When choosing the correct smart home automation partner for your new home, you want the best. What better proof than seeing what customers have to say? We constantly survey our customers and ask if they’re willing to say a few words. As you’ll see, many do. We’re proud of our high-quality products and services, and most proud of the value we’ve delivered to these clients.

I have been using Confio Labs security system with about 10 sensors (door and motion sensors) for over a month.
I have tested and had demos of various systems before coming across Confio Labs. Their 14-day (no question) return policy was the deciding factor. Support is available on call, they are quick and responsive. For service, they arrange to pick up and drop off for any problem.

First of all, I would like to mention that this system has exceeded all my expectations and requirements. I have compared it with competing systems from Qubo, Eureka Forbes (Euro Vigil), Godrej, and HiKVision. The range, app connectivity (through WIFI & GSM), Alexa & Google Home integration are hard to beat. None of the other systems can compete with this. This is truly a smart security system, and it fits in perfectly with my smart home appliances.

The system that Confio Labs uses is the only system I know that has Google Home support with the assistant and Alexa controls in India. (It works amazingly well with custom voice commands, routines, and scenes, even IFTTT). With IFTTT(if this then that), you can set the system in such a way that, if you leave your home (GPS-Geofence), then the system will arm automatically. It also works well with Google Assistant and is easy to arm (I need to just speak “lock my house”). For disarming, Alexa and Google Assistant will ask for a voice pin that you set up. Having the mandatory voice pin code to disarm is a good security feature.

There is also a traditional key fob with buttons to do the same.

Having a background in engineering, I’ve studied the workings of FHSS anti-interference; this is a stand-out technology. While other systems use single channel radiofrequency (i.e. 315 MHz), Confio Labs has FHSS, or in layman’s terms, frequency hopping. So if an unwanted being (a.k.a. intruder) tries to cause interference (jamming), the system changes the frequency so it can communicate with the sensors without interference (it’s something like 433MHz +/-75Hz but with 128-bit security; There’s some physics involved where the carrier frequency changes rapidly). It is pretty secure. The door sensor and motion detection work well as expected.

I also liked the ability to turn on external electrical equipment (inbuilt relay for wired siren/flood lights/anything with 220v AC or 12v DC ) that is connected to the main unit. That was a big plus for me. Seeing different colors for arm/disarm/home on the wireless repeater siren was very helpful for my parents, who wake up early sometimes and can easily spot the system state. I didn’t need the repeater function. The folks over at Confio Labs did offer to take it back (14-day return policy) if I told them I didn’t need it… but I decided to keep it for parents and future use.

If WIFI fails/offline, there are GSM sim card-based services. The app will work by sending SMS. This is a lot better than sending those text messages manually. Even calling is supported on the main unit. It is like having a backup home intercom system.
It is highly customizable. I had a lot of fun setting it up. Also, the value for money; let me just say going with Confio Labs helped me save 40%. I was about to close the deal with another brand that cost more and had no smart features. I came across Confio Labs during a random internet search for security systems in India and the rest… well, the review sums it up.
Overall, I would recommend it to friends and family. 
I love it…thanks!