Protection first and foremost, a home security system is designed to protect your property and the people there from the burglaries, home invasion and etc. Here are the 4 major best benefits of installing home security system.



The most foremost and obvious benefits of installing a Home Security is security. You can get active instant alert on your smartphone in conjunction with the alarm hooter when a security sensor is triggered.



There are certain times hen your system needs to be armed/disarmed with the all your sensors not always being in the same state. Easy customization is also possible with some sensor being armed at certain time periods, with others being disarmed like in the morning to allow your maids to enter without raising alarm.


Additional Notification

Confio Labs Smart Security System provides the additional facility of installation a 2G sim card which send all the SMS & Call alert to the users in case an active internet connection is not detected.


Restrictive Access

With Confio Labs Smart Security System you can grant varied levels of access to multiple users. For example, your kid can have access to his security sensor in his room while you have to access to all the sensor in your home.